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June 2018

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June 2018

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def: noun. A community of brands that each offers an extraordinary luxury experience, service or product to the visitors of the Cannes Collection, brought together by a shared spirit of authenticity, originality and unmatched quality.

An innovative show
based on a unique concept.

An innovative show
based on a unique concept.

Join us 8 to 11 June, 2017 in the timeless Old Port of Cannes – close to the coastal waters and airspace for trials – to take part in an exceptional exhibitor experience with access to a captive audience of highly qualified visitors at the ideal time in the Riviera calendar.
A comprehensive programme of precision-targeted media coverage and promotion, PR and direct marketing activity will be activated during the first half of 2017, to drive the appropriately qualified visitors to the show.

Why Exhibit at Cannes Collection 2017?

Content marketing is key to engaging any audience in today’s noisy media environment. We understand that our Cannes Collective members connect much more effectively with the show’s visitors by providing deeper insight into their brand’s unique offering long before the show’s doors open on the first day.

As part of our visitor promotions strategy, we will work with you and your marketing team to provide an in-depth backstory to each brand, promoted through social media as well as editorial coverage in mainstream and specialist media.