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June 2018

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1018 avenue du campon
6110 Le Cannet - France

Cell : 04 92 98 90 59 info@goelectrix.com



GoElectrix is ​​the importer in France and Monaco’s famous maxi-scooter total électriques.Vectrix France provides sales and repair Vectrix VX-1 and VX-2 new, direct from the manufacturer, used batteries with Vectrix new and supplying a wide range of accessories and spare parts.

Electric scooter custom

GoElectrix offers a large stock of electric scooters Vectrix VX-1 and VX-2 new and used. 80 230 kilometers, multiple battery configurations are available to better adapt to different needs autonomy.


A wide range of spare parts

Of the body to the chassis via the electrical and mechanical parts, GoElectrix has an extensive stock of spare parts for electric Vectrix maxi-scooter.

With 10 years of experence, GoElectrix provides sales in its Showroom at 1018 Avenue of the campon CANNET and MAINTENANCE, the SAV Vectrix electric maxi-scooters in Valbonne his workshop at 108 chemin St Helene (Alpes-Maritimes)