Intitulé Cannes Collection
June 2018

Welcome to Cannes Collection
a unique showcase of the exceptional,
the beautiful and the rare...

Cannes Collection looks forward to seeing you in 2018:
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June 2018

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Mot de passe oublié

A uniquely curated event combining the most prestigious brands in the world

Cannes Collection transports you beyond the “luxury” label. We carefully select the best products and services in the world to deliver an experience that cannot be found elsewhere.
Held at the start of the Mediterranean season, Cannes Collection takes place at the perfect time and location to acquire everything you want to enjoy over the coming months, not to mention years.

Eric de Saintdo & Bertrand FoÄche

Want it now? have it now.


“The show has been created for a very demanding clientele that wants only the best.”

Agnès Sandahl - Galerie Sassi Milici

At Cannes Collection, prêt-à-porter doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality or prestige. Whether it’s customised prestige cars, private jets and helicopters, rare jewels and collectable timepieces, striking contemporary art, premier cru wines or exceptional superyachts, practically everything on display is available to acquire immediately and to enjoy over the Riviera’s summer season.

“Cannes Collection is about finding something different & unique, not just something with an exclusive price-tag”

Eric de Saintdo Cannes Collection Co-Founder

More than simply an exhibition,
an experience

In 2016, visitors were able to trial the superyachts, prestige cars and helicopters on display, and they enjoyed masterclasses in fine jewellery and timepieces. Next year, there will be daily auctions of classic cars, vintage wines, rare timepieces and other covetable acquisitions.

As well as the VIP Lounge, we will also be creating a range of unique and exciting experiences, such as the chance to ride co-pilot alongside champion professional drivers in high-speed Offshore Powerboat Racing vessels.

The Cannes collection

Cannes Collection will host a selection of the world’s most desirable goods and services :

Cannes Collective


def: noun. A community of brands that each offers an extraordinary luxury experience, service or product to the visitors of the Cannes Collection, brought together by a shared spirit of authenticity, originality and unmatched quality.